What is Required of a Kappa Kappa Sigma Member?

  1. Each applicant for membership must be at least sixteen years of age.
  1. Each applicant must possess a good moral character and have a high school education or the equivalent thereof.  An applicant to Kappa Kappa Sigma Sorority is asked to fill out two membership cards with required information including recommendations from two active members from the local chapter for which they are petitioning membership.
  1. Each applicant for membership into Kappa Kappa Sigma must pass a written examination following the pledge service and it shall be given not less than one (1) week in advance of initiation.
  1. A membership fee shall be charged each new individual member which includes the cost of a plain recognition pin, membership certificate, constitution and directory.  The fee is to be paid upon passing of examination and prior to initiation.
  1. Dues must be paid promptly.  Annual dues are set up in varying amounts by each chapter and prompt payment is expected of each member in order to maintain active status.
  1. The budget of each chapter is met by projects set up by the local oganization.  ACTIVE SERVICE is required of each member to meet this budget.
  1. Each active member is required to attend one meeting per month unless otherwise stipulated by chapter bylaws.
  2. While not compulsory, attendance to our Founders Day Banquet and our Annual Convention will offer opportunity for knowing the wide scope of Kappa Kappa Sigma Sorority, and will acquaint you with other chapters.  Attendance is encouraged!